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A Passive Approach to Fall Protection Is Not Worth the Risk.

A clear safety and fall prevention approach incorporating OSHA compliant safety systems will ensure the protection of employees, workers and building assets. Fall prevention systems on all required areas of the roof provide multiple levels of protection to safeguard lives and reduce risk during construction or maintenance.

SafePro provides complete safety solutions and customizable options for rooftop fall hazards that minimize accidents and liability. Perimeter rail systems are available for roof edge and various rooftop protection applications. Proper installations are critical to providing the maximum level of safety.

SafePro Perimeter Rail Safety Systems

SafePro™ Perimeter Guard Rail Systems provide rooftop fall protection, security and stability. SafePro’s perimeter rail system is compliant with OSHA CFR 1926.502, OSHA CFR 1910.28, and Cal-OSHA 3212 & 3209 standards and exceeds the minimum strength and stability requirements. Perimeter rails serve as temporary hazard barricades during rooftop construction, maintenance or for long-term installations. Systems are configurable to satisfy roof edge guardrail protection requirements, create 4-sided guard structures for skylights and many other uses.


  • Safety: OSHA / CAL-OSHA Compliant
  • Availability: 10’, 8’, 6’ & 4’ Steel Rails & Weighted Non-Penetrating Bases, Customizable
  • Durability: Heavy-Duty Steel Components
  • Application: Multi-Purpose Configurations, Short/Long-Term Use

Product Info:


Perimeter Rail Base Mover

New Perimeter Rail Base Mover
The New SafePro™ Perimeter Base Mover is designed to easily lift and position the weighted steel bases where needed, saving time and labor. And used to quickly stack the bases for storage. The base mover is the same durable quality as all SafePro products.




Safety Flags on Roof

Fall Protection – Facts
Falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries and deaths. A lack of fall protection, damaged fall protection equipment, or improper setup will increase risk of falling from height. Employers can elect to protect their workers from falling while engaged in roofing activities on low-slope roofs, by a combination of warning line system and guardrail system, warning line system and safety net system, warning line system and personal fall arrest. For more information visit

SafePro patented products are engineered to provide rooftop safety, secure roof access and OSHA compliance.


OSHA News Release

U.S. Department of Labor Cites Wisconsin Contractor
For Repeatedly Exposing Workers to Falls


SafePro Safety Chute Guard Feature – August Roofing Contractor Product Showcase

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ISBA Show & Fall Conference: Booth 542

Sept 10-11 2018, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

RCI New England Golf Event: Tee Box & Product Display

October 1, 2018, Quincy, MA

ERAPPA Show: Booth 514

Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2018, New Hampshire Expo Center, Manchester, NH

IFMA Show: Booth 227

Oct 3-5, 2018, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC

SafePro Solutions

SafePro provides roof safety, fall protection and security solutions. Including the patented SafePro™ Automatic Roof Hatch Opener and SafePro™ Roof Hatch Safety Rails, Roof Hatches and Perimeter Safety Rail systems. SafePro offers the only automatic roof hatch opener on the market and manufactures custom roof hatch sizes. Our products install easily, do not penetrate the roof or compromise the roof system warranty. See our products at

Don’t be surprised by changes in OSHA safety standards. Be prepared with SafePro.
SafePro products meet and exceed OSHA safety requirements. Contact our specialists to help you identify potential issues and provide solutions to satisfy OSHA compliance.
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