Safety Chute Guard Rail Stystem

Commercial Rooftop Fall Protection

The SafePro™ perimeter rail chute guard system provides commercial rooftop fall protection, safety and security. The chute guard system is an ideal solution for safety guardrails on commercial rooftops during re-roof construction. This edge rail system with a functioning gate will manually glide open to allow for debris to be safely discarded off the roof edge into the trash chute. A durable latch locks the gate automatically in place when closed.

The chute guard system provides fall protection where most construction sites tend to overlook this as an open area on the roof. SafePro perimeter rail systems prevent exposure to leading edge fall hazards. SafePro offers both permanent and temporary perimeter rail systems. The chute guardrail solution is a versatile solution to provide proper protection. SafePro’s perimeter rail chute guard systems meet or exceed OSHA strength and stability requirements.

SafePro chute guard serves as a temporary hazard barricade during re-roof construction. Perimeter rails serve as a temporary or permanent hazard barricade during rooftop access or construction. Ballasted, Non-penetrating steel bases are built to last and will not void existing rooftop warranty. The perimeter rails can be configured for multiple uses to prevent fall hazards around open hole areas.

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Product Code Product Description Price
PER-10 10 ft Perimeter Rail (OSHA Requirement for Chute Area) Request A Quote
PER-8 8 ft Perimeter Rail Request A Quote
PER-6 6 ft Perimeter Rail Request A Quote
PER-4 4 ft Perimeter Rail Request A Quote
PER-B 2 pin Perimeter Rail Base Request A Quote
OUT-B Outrigger - 3 Pin Base Plus 4 ft Rail Request A Quote
SPCG Perimeter Rail Chute Guard Request A Quote

Standard Colors: Galvanized Steel or Safety Yellow Powder Coat. Perimeter Rails are available in custom colors.

Download Perimeter Rail Chute Guard System Data Sheet