SafePro Newsletter – June 2018

Safety First – Reduce Risk, Potential Fall Hazards and Liability

June is National Safety Awareness month. How is your OSHA compliance understanding and preparedness to best protect your employees from risk hazards and your building assets?

While contractors are on the roof or facility mangers conducting maintenance, it is the ideal time to alert building owners to high-risk, non-compliant roof access and perimeter edge conditions. If a roof hatch or unprotected edge does not include safety guard protection, it is a violation of OSHA regulations. Choose fall protection to address common fall hazard conditions, liability and avoid costly violation fees.

SafePro offers safety fall protection systems for various roof access and edge applications. And provides custom solutions and new innovations to meet evolving OSHA requirements. Contact our sales representatives for guidance with OSHA compliance or a free safety assessment.

Perimeter Rail Parapet Clamp System

The Parapet Clamp System by SafePro secures over the parapet wall and adjusts to accommodate various wall widths. The versatile Parapet Clamp protects the leading roof edge to keep employees protected during roof construction or maintenance.

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Fall Protection
– Facts

Guardrail System – A barrier erected along an unprotected or exposed side, edge, or other area of a walking-working surface to prevent workers from falling to a lower level.

OSHA Compliant Perimeter Roof Edge Protection
OSHA compliant roof perimeter edge protection is required during roof construction, maintenance, demolition and re-roof installation.

The information provided on the OSHA web site is designed to assist workers and employers to identity, reduce and eliminate work related hazards. For more information regarding OSHA safety requirements visit

SafePro patented products are engineered to provide rooftop safety, secure roof access, solutions for potential high-risk fall conditions and OSHA compliance.


OSHA News Release

U.S. Department of Labor Finds Wisconsin Contractor Continues To Expose Roofers to Falls and Other Safety Hazards – OSHA proposed penalties of $120,320

SafePro Solutions

SafePro provides roof safety, fall protection and security solutions. Including the patented SafePro™ Automatic Roof Hatch Opener and SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rails, Roof Hatches and Perimeter Safety Rail systems. SafePro offers the only automatic roof hatch opener on the market and manufactures custom roof hatch sizes. Our products install easily, do not penetrate the roof or compromise the roof system warranty. See our products at

Don’t be surprised by changes in OSHA safety standards. Be prepared with SafePro.
SafePro products meet and exceed OSHA safety requirements. Contact our professionals to help you identify potential issues and provide solutions to satisfy OSHA compliance.

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