SafePro Customer Testimonials

My roofers prefer to install SafePro Safety Rails because they install 3 times faster than anything else on the market and the safety gate acts as a ladder assist when entering and exiting the roof hatch.

Jim Flemming

Manufacturers Rep, Virginia

Simply the best product out there for safe roof access.

Johnny Zamrzla

Owner at Western Pacific Roofing Corp

As a commercial roofing contractor, in the past year I have switched over from using Bilco Safety rails to SafePro safety rails. The SafePro rails are much easier to install, much more reliable and sturdy, and don’t fade/crack in a few years like the Bilco model does. I have replaced safety rails on projects that were only a few years old and installed the SafePro models. Right out of the box, you can tell this is a quality product that is going to last the life of the building.

Caleb Benton

Benton Roofing

Our firm designs safety of access into all our roofing projects. Safe access to roofs is a significant factor in the longevity of roofs because roofs that are easily and safely accessible get maintained, and roofs that are inaccessible do not get maintained. We specify roof hatch guardrails on all projects and consider the SafePro Automatic Roof Hatch Opener a major advancement. How many times have we as roof consultants and contractors climbed up dark ladders to roof hatches, fumbled with keys trying to unlock a padlock in the dark, all the while trying to keep from falling? Educating owners to the importance of safety and ease of access as significant features in roof design is an important service for all roofing professionals and one that we should not merely leave up to OSHA enforcers.

Edis Oliver, P.E.

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Products are top of the line. Customer service is top notch.

Tommy Ferrer

Supervisor at Tecta America Corp

Why would we ever again want to fight locks and hatch hardware while hanging from an access ladder? Since we need to protect our people, why not do it right!?

Bill Conley

The Conley Group

Before we started working with SafePro, we had invested in traditional roof hatch fall protection devices. Our maintenance engineers and contractors found their products to be cumbersome and ineffective. So when we looked at SafePro’s solution, we found a roof hatch safety system that addressed all our needs. Our people found it to be the safest and easiest to use. They especially like the SafePro Automatic Roof Hatch Opener. Trying to unlock the roof hatch at the top of the ladder is one of the most hazardous steps in accessing the roof. Our Risk Management department had been unable to really abate those hazards and risks. Our security department was also pleased when they learned about the roof hatch security system. Thank you SafePro.

Lee Jones

Director of Facility Management Granite Properties

SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rails are a great way for building owners and property managers to improve rooftop safety for anyone accessing their roof. Having a solid gate to hold onto when climbing in and out of the roof hatch will definitely help protect against injuries and falls.

Rene Muñoz

Roof Maintenance Superintendent at RSI Roofing

When I was introduced to the SafePro roof hatch fall protection system, it was exactly what I was looking for. I have not found any solution in the market that has the integrated design that includes the Automatic Roof Hatch Opener. Their safety rail system is made of steel and sturdy enough to be used as a ladder extension to assist employees to safely take those last few steps onto the roof, which is often the most hazardous steps when accessing the rooftop. Their overall system design is innovative and unique in the market. I highly recommend SafePro.

Weldon W. Nash, Jr.

FCSI, CSS - Consultant

As the assistant store manager, our corporate policy requires us to do periodical inspections of our roof tops. I also have to provide roof access to our service contractors and others. Unfortunately for me, getting access to the roof means climbing a 20 foot fixed ladder. Frankly, I do not like having to climb that ladder. I have a lot of fear of falling. The most dangerous parts for me are trying to unlock the padlock to get the roof hatch door open. I have to take my hands off the ladder to unlock the hatch. The other dangerous part is climbing onto the roof. I have fallen several times. The SafePro Automatic Roof Hatch Opener and safety rail, with built in ladder extension, allows me to safely inspect the roof without any fear of falling. Our contractors who work on the roof and mechanical equipment also like the fall protection SafePro provides for them.


Store Manager, National Grocery Store Chain

At Humphrey & Associates we put our words into action… We have always been concerned about falls and the danger posed using the traditional hatch, which makes one crawl onto the roof (sometimes even trying to haul tools or equipment along). It is an accident waiting to happen. Roof access is part of being in construction and always a safety concern. The SafePro Safety Rail and Ladder Extension and SafePro Automatic Roof Hatch Opener eliminate the danger of using only one hand while opening the hatch. This device becomes a ladder extension to hold on to while climbing up and down to eliminate fall issues. We may not be able to always control the environment that our team has to work in, but we can make it safer when they are on our roof! We wish all of our customers had a SafePro Rail and Automatic Roof Hatch Opener for roof access.

Steve Humphrey, Sr.

CEO, President Humphrey & Associates, Inc.