There's Safe and There's SafePro Safe.

SafePro Safety's Automatic Roof Hatch Opener
Automatic Roof Hatch Opener

A patented design that automatically opens a roof hatch from the ground floor using a keypad or security access card.

roof hatch safety rails
Roof Hatch Safety Rails

A four-sided, patented, 100% steel design with a self-closing gate and two built-in ladder rungs. OSHA-compliant and installs in minutes.

roof top safety rails edge protection
Perimeter Rails

Temporary or permanent 100% steel rail fall protection with stackable bases that are easily installed and stored. OSHA-compliant.

Roof Hatch

The SafePro Roof Hatch, manufactured of 100% steel for durability and safety, is available in standard and custom sizes.

  • “When we looked at SafePro’s solution, we found a roof hatch safety system that addressed all of our needs.”

    Lee Jones, Director of Facility Management, Granite Properties.
  • “We wish all of our customers had a SafePro Rail and Automatic Roof Hatch Opener for roof access.”

    Steve Humphrey, Sr., CEO President Humphrey & Associates, Inc.
  • “Why would we ever again want to fight locks and hatch hardware while hanging from an access ladder?”

    Bill Conley, The Conley Group
  • “… the SafePro rails are much easier to install, much more reliable and sturdy, and doesn’t fade/crack in a few years like the Bilco model does.”

    Caleb Benton, Benton Roofing
  • “Simply the best product out there for safe roof access.”

    Johnny Zamrzla, Owner at Western Pacific Roofing Corp.
  • “… we specify roof hatch guardrails on all projects and consider the SafePro powered roof hatch a major advancement … ”

    Edis Oliver , P.E., Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.