Perimeter Rails

Safe. Universal. OSHA Compliant.

SafePro Perimeter Rails serve as a temporary hazard barrier during rooftop construction, general construction or for long-term applications. Our ballasted, non-penetrating steel bases are built to last and will not void existing rooftop warranties. The bases are stackable, making them easier to move and store. SafePro Perimeter Rails can also be configured as a 4-sided structure to guard skylights and other rooftop fall hazards, also ground-level for multiple uses such as crowd or traffic control at outdoor events, sporting events, and indoors. They come standard in a galvanized or super durable powder-coated finish; custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.

Contact your local rep or call 877.723.3570 to order Perimeter Rails.  Click here for a quote.

Product Code Product Description Price
PER-10 10 ft Perimeter Rail $165
PER-8 8 ft Perimeter Rail $125
PER-6 6 ft Perimeter Rail $105
PER-4 4 ft Perimeter Rail $95
PER-B 2 pin Perimeter Rail Base $175
OUT-B Outrigger - 3 Pin Base Plus 4 ft Rail $314

Download Perimeter Rails Data Sheet